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What's so special about Turkish towels?

Living in the islands has a lot of pros but one thing that we had to improve on was the towel drying. Island living brings lots of moisture year round and then when it’s rainy it just makes it more of a challenge. Until we found our turkish towels. These quick drying, luxuriously soft, 100% cotton towels(or we have a bamboo/cotton lens which his AMAZING) are a godsend.  These are sand resistant and are known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.

Crafted by genuine turkish artisans providing a consistent weave that will last for years. Over time they become softer as well.

It gets better!

They take up a third of the space that a terry bath towel does in your linen closet.

Whether you‘re a beach god, a pool diva or just look forward to great baths, these are a must.

They come in many different patterns and colors so there is wide array to choose from.

When choosing what you like best in a towel the material and the weight are things that you should pay attention to. The softest that we have are the bamboo/cotton blend Halia towel. The other plus to these towels is that they are larger than a regular bath towel so you can use this as a towel, a throw, a shawl, etc. It's our everyday go to.

The heavier the towel is, the softer and tighter the weave in most cases.

Our recommendations:

Beach: Anu'u, Kanaka, Kokua, Makamae

Bath: Nai'a, Halia, Kaimana, Malama, Ananas

Everyday, Anywhere: Pa'akai, Hana, Aina