Get ready for summer with our new tote bags!

spring break favorites

Get ready for the beach!

Come and find your favorite gear that you won't know how you ever lived without!

Our 100% turkish cotton towels are a local favorite for island living. Sand resistant, compact and quick drying, you can take our towels anywhere and always have it handy as a towel, blanket or pareo.

Our new canvas bags have full zippers, are washable and have an inside pocket to keep you items for easy access to. We love taking this bag to farmers markets and days out. The best thing about them is that they fold up flat for easy storage.

At Aloha Mālie we are always looking for ways to making your lives better, easier and more versatile.

Enjoy our collections!


I ordered the green, yellow and red kaimana towels for my husband to keep on our yacht and let me tell you they are probably better than the towels we have at home! We follow the instructions and hang them out to dry and they are so easy to care for and dry super quick! So impressed that they are such a great quality for such a great price. 

Ben T.

Your chat really helped me select the perfect towels! We will be ordering more and Our friends actually asked if they could take them home with them!

Helen R.

I have been using the soft gels with melatonin to sleep and so glad they came out with these that I can take anytime of the day. I take at lunch to help get through the rest of my day. My fibromyalgia is no joke so this is a lifesaver.

Kevin R.

The answer to my aches and pains ! So happy with this product and it smells good too!

Steve L.

So happy to have found this! I have been going through treatment and needed something to take away the nauseousness and help me sleep and this was perfect. This was recommended to me from my holistic md. It took a few days to get my body used to it but by the fourth day it was perfect.

Joey R.

Want to try the tincture next but maybe a higher mg coming in? I have chemo treatments a few times a wek and this eally takes away the nausea and keeps my body happy.

Macy R.